Make a difference
in someone's life

Join us on a mission to enrich lives all over the world. Everyone deserves a chance to succeed.

We help people in Poverty and Hardship.
Together we can promote the welfare of communities all over the world.

Enriching lives
long the way

Enrich Lives officially started in 2000 when we decided to support over 150 kids who attend Divine Care Primare School in a local village in Mbale, Uganda. We did this on our own for 15 years and then decided to bring others in to help with projects

We did our first Go Fund Me back in 2017 for putting in a bathroom for the headmaster of Divine Care Primary school, and saw how much people gave, that we decided to start our own Non Profit, so ALL the money someone gives goes directly to the projects and sponsorships for students and teachers.

That’s when we realized how much we could do with the support of people like you.

Enriching lives<br>long the way
How Enrich Lives works

How Enrich Lives works

We are grateful to be invited into the communities we serve and work side-by-side with local leaders, responding to their needs with transformative solutions, which are both sustainable and implemented directly to those in need.

We meet people who are in deep need, understand what could bring the biggest impact within the community and make this happen with the help of people from all over the world.

We do this through child sponsorship, teacher sponsorship, and community projects.

Key Focus Areas


Enriching those in deep, extreme poverty


Enriching those in real hardships